Helping Veterans with Mortgages since 1982.

One of the ways that the US government awards military veterans for their service is through the highly competitive rates for the VA Loan Guaranty Program. This type of loan is possibly one of the most powerful and flexible lending options on the market today. The program backs the military borrower by saying the VA will repay about a quarter of every loan it qualifies if the borrower defaults. That makes it easier for our agents at Direct Capital Funding to approve a bigger loan.

Eligibility guidelines for the VA Loan Guaranty Program

  • Members of the military who have served 181 days on active duty or three months of wartime duty
  • Anyone with at least six years in the National Guard or Reserves
  • Widows and widowers of those killed on duty

Still not sure if you qualify for the VA Loan Guaranty Program? Call Direct Capital Funding and talk to one of our loan officers who can pre-qualify you for a loan. The borrower of VA loans can purchase with no money down and underwriting standards and requirements that are less exclusive than conventional loans.