Multifamily lending and building are on the rise thanks to an affordable housing market and condo prices that are soaring to new heights.


With traditional residential lending becoming more open again and condos selling as primary residences, multifamily ownership is again an opportunity. Our Multifamily loan is a unique one because it taps into relationships between thousands of banks around the United States. It is important for us as the lender to offer the maximum amount of opportunities for building steady multifamily financing schemes. We get to using financing from life insurance companies, private equity groups, hedge funds, GSAs, and conduit lenders for CMBS loans, among other secure sources. And all that access is just one of the many factors that make Direct Capital Funding a trusted source for multifamily income property funding. We work to secure the best terms, rates, fees, recourse, leverage, prepayment requirements, subordinate financing, lock-out periods, carve-outs, and more.

Low-Rate Multifamily Properties in Ventura County

Though they may bear the same title, not all multifamily loans are created equal, and that’s why you want yours to sit with a bank that is appropriate for the level of access to capital that you need, and with the flexibility to set up your loan on your terms. No other mortgage lender in Camarillo, California has the same relationships, as the expert group of advisors. We have built our particular mortgage lending department in a way that allows for continuing research and evolution as the markets (and our clients too) grow and evolve. Markets fluctuate, as does capital. When you become a customer of Direct Capital Funding, you get a multifamily partner that understands the business thoroughly and wants nothing more than to watch your investment succeed.