We love helping clients live their dreams, fueled by income from their Commercial investment properties.

By prescribing our commercial loan products, we get to see dreams take flight more often than most other lenders. Our commercial loans can be applied to anything over five units and are usually lent out for the construction of new buildings. By keeping our multifamily investor clients abreast of the loan options we offer, we give them a better understanding of their financing options. Don’t know yet what your commercial loan needs are? Request a callback from one of our trusted mortgage officers.

Bridge Loans

A bridge loan is like instant cash flow provided by private lenders to finance the day-to-day operations of a build. They are short-term and are called “bridge” because they keep things rolling while waiting on long-term financing. This little loan usually gets paid off at that point. You must have excellent credit, proof that you have the capital to pay off the interest on the loan at least, and you must show evidence of income. Make an appointment for your one-hour meeting with us, and your Direct Capital Funding mortgage officer will give you a quick answer on whether you qualify.

Real Estate Purchase Loan

These are similar to fixed and commercial ARMs, but to eligible, you must have exceptional credit—700 or higher—and significant personal and business savings on the books. Your commercial property will become collateral, and the loan-to-value ratio will determine your rate.


Joint Venture Loan

Every day we bring business partners together who want equal shares in the profits and losses of their joint ventures. This type of loan is easier to obtain because every party gets financed separately.

We also allow borrowers to share in part of the revenue generated by the commercial property when they take out a participating mortgage. It’s our most popular lending product for large-scale commercial and retail projects taken on with financially stable tenants with conservative leases.